I talked about cleaning a bit recently and wanted to continue.

I tend to be cluttered and disorganized, but I don't like dirt. Here are some things that I have leanred in-between bits/fits of cleanliness.

Clean a little, often. Spend 10 minutes a day doing it. Pick some stuff up for 5 minutes, get a rag with water/vinegar and wipe down some stuff for the other 5.

Buy big package of cheap terrycloth towels. I think they are usually sold for auto detailing. I got a 60-pack from Amazon and it was a great purchase. It gives you enough towels to do as much cleaning as you need to, without feeling like you need to use each rag until it's completely filthy because you only have a few. They are also nice to have around for cleaning up spills.

  1. Rags are better than paper towels. They let you dig into the grime more.
  2. If you're doing a bathroom, fill the sink with hot water and add your cleaning agent of choice. Dip rag in there, wring it out, then wipe everything down, with strokes going toward the sink. Pull all the dust/grime into the sink. Once you're done with wet wiping everything down, go over it all again with a dry rag.
  3. Don't overdo your cleaning agent. Often times it'll take longer to remove the cleaning agent afterwards than it will to clean it in the first place. Softscrub bleach is one of the worst offenders - only use that in showers/the inside of a toilet, otherwise you're going to spend a lot of time picking up the chalk that's in it.
  4. As far as cleaning agents go, for a general wipedown, vinegar is best, bleach is second best. Don't mix the two, it's a one or the other choice (unless chlorine gas is your thing).
  5. Get an air purifier. Having one will cut the amount of dust that falls in a room by 50-90%. Less dust means things will appear to stay clean longer.
  6. Don't get grossed out. Your skin is made to keep the nasty out of your body. You're probably going to touch a little bit of poop or something at some point. Deal with it, you can wash your hands afterwards. If you can't deal with that, get rubber gloves. You can't go at something half assed trying not to get yourself dirty.

And most importanly don't mix cleaning products! Or don't put bleach in anything.

I have come to the theory that we live in a society of "pretty much clean" and "actually clean." Most people I know fall into the first category.

They look like this:

"Pretty Much Clean" level-

  • you have a dog or cat that goes in and out
  • you have tile floors that are easy to clean
  • you frequently wear shoes inside
  • it's not like you're licking the floor every day so...

"Actually Clean" level-

  • you have no animals or they are inside only
  • you have carpets and other stuff that shows dirt
  • you don't really wear shoes inside. maybe just to run back in if you forgot your purse.
  • your home is sparkling

If you have animals or children running in and out all day, and no white carpets, it's an uphill battle keeping the floors "Actually Clean" and there's no reward.