My curls weren't well cared for as a kid, so I resented my waves until now. I guess it's just best to teach care an confidence early on.

When you have a little girl with wavy/curly hair teach her how to care for it properly.

A lot of curly girl self hate just comes from frustration and confusion with our hair. I was never taught basic things about caring for my hair and I know I'm not alone. My mother just handed me a straightening iron. If only I had known much earlier on about going through it with conditioner and a wide toothed comb in the shower, using a diffuser head on the hair dryer, not using a hairbrush on it, etc.

Other tips...It's easy for curly hair to develop mats if it's not tended to well. Find her a hairstylist (when she's older obviously) who knows curly hair and can recommend good products, styles, and techniques. When blow drying curly hair straight, for example, you'll need a straightening balm/cream such as Goldwell or Kiehl's to prevent it from becoming bushy. These simple things make a world of difference.

As someone with very thick, fast growing, wavy-curly hair, a pixie cut or super short was a godsend for me. So that's always an option, if the curls are too frustrating for her to handle.