I have dated guys before that are total guitar addicts, they love to play. And unfortunately I have never been able to keep up. One year for my birthday an ex bought me a guitar. It was nice, a 3/4 size, I think it is a Taylor Big Baby, but I am not certain any more.

I came up with the theory that people can be addicted to it. I'm not the only one though, Jade Flood had something simialr for the pedal steel guitar. They are really neat, and once I learn the normal one I might look at learning the pedal steel.

Answer these questions and see how you do.


  • Have you ever played guitar all day long?
  • Do you spend much free time on guitar?
  • Have you ever felt addicted to guitar?


  • Do you feel you play longer than you should?
  • Do you spend increasing amounts of time on guitar?
  • Do you ever find yourself unable to stop playing?

Mood modification

  • Do you play guitar to forget about real life?
  • Do you play to release stress?
  • Have you played guitar to feel better?


  • Are you able to reduce the time you play for?
  • Have others unsuccessfully tried to reduce the time you play?
  • Have you become stressed from not being able to play?


  • Have you felt bad when unable to play?
  • Have you felt angry when unable to play?
  • Have you become stressed when unable to play? (Repeat question?)


  • Have you had fights with others over guitar playing time?
  • Have you neglected others from playing guitar?
  • Have you lied about the time you've spent playing?


  • Has your playing time caused sleep deprivation?
  • Have you neglected other important activities to play guitar?
  • Do you feel bad after playing for a long time?

People have all sorts of behavioral addictions; gambling, shopping, sex, adrenaline, listening to Nickleback. There's no reason playing guitar would be any different. If someone is neglecting their interpersonal relationships or their responsibilities then it certainly could be an addiction. Their stress outlet can be just as destructive as any other addiction.