The secret to looking and smelling great on the beach is hard.

There are so many things to consider that a lot of people do not do.

The beach could be phrased as: "How the heck do people keep their hair looking nice when it's humid out? I have really thick, wavy hair that looks awesome 90% of the time (no brush, no heat, argan oil routine), but when it's humid, it just turns into a nest of damp frizz, and when I tie it back it just looks super greasy."

  1. What's a good conditioner for straight, thick hair?
  2. Where can I find a perfume with subtle pine notes?
  3. Do you use a foundation with sunscreen? Is it worth it?

Number 1

There's a shampoo/conditioner line called Malibu hard water wellness that's designed for this.

The real star is these little packets, it's a powder you use in the shower that removes built up minerals and you can feel the difference right away. I'd link you but I'm on mobile, I buy the 12-pack on Amazon for about $20, which isn't cheap but way cheaper than in my salon!

I tried the Malibu shampoo/conditioner as well once, it was fine (and sulfate free) but expensive and I think the packets do most of the work anyway.

You can also get a filter for your shower head!

That might help your skin too.

Number 2

I am pale ish with yellow undertones.

I wear 100% Pure brand foundation and blend of pine and rose and white peach together, and get soo many compliments.

I also have 2 more and find both hydrating, and pretty good staying power.

Number 3

This is't nessicary. And I find that it tends to not really blend that well with foundation, giving you a "dull" looking appearance, heaviness and dirty/sticky/waxy texture.