Some people got the impression that I really hate cars from my recent post. I sort of do, sorry, they are just not what I find fulfilling.

I don't hate them all equally though.

Here in Cali there are a lot of nice cars. Classic cars.

I personally loved the amount of old classic American cars like the Cadillac.

When I was in Korea it was about high end street racing cars (we don't have that her do we). I would even go as far as saying that the expensive ones, your typical ones like S-class (mostly AMG), Bentley, Jaguar, etc... are ok.

Of course there's also the stereotypical culture of supercars, the ones that make the guys droll when they see drive by, which is mostly in the richer areas.

No matter who you met here you will see the car culture we have shine in their eyes. Los Angeles and pretty much all of southern california has a HUGE car culture. It's such a paradox to me given the laws against engine mods that CA has, the old car scrappage programs, etc.

I think for some this is honestly the biggest downside to living in Cali!