Due to the texture of my hair I have had problems with it getting that ponytail dent.

What does that mean?

It means that whenever I put my hair up in a ponytail or hair tie bun for more than ten minutes, it holds to the shape of the tie for hours! Besides straightening or completely soaking my hair, nothing really puts it back to normal.

Then I learned how to prevent a ponytail crease from happening. The next time you want to sweep your hair back, try this styling trick - put only the back part of your hair in a pony tail. Then pin the hair closest to your face near the elastic pony tail holder in the back. When you take hair down, the front layer will not have a crease and it will cover the back portion of the hair which may have a residual crease line. Always use a soft, fabric cover elastic band to hold pony tail. The wider the better to prevent breakage and creasing.

This is pretty genius

I have heard girls talk about ribbons.

My take on ribbons is that they don't work. Seriously, I don't even know how people use the ribbons!

They only work if my hair has been teased and hairsprayed and that totally defeats the purpose. Even then, they're really weak and it makes my ponytail droop.

I think it's a combination of slick hair and having thin hair at that. I think the texture is the bigger issue for me, to be honest. It just slides out. The fabric ones have enough elastic and texture to grip my hair and keep it in place. It slides a little more than a traditional ponytail, but not much, and I'm used to re-doing my pony with my hair.