If we take a look at the kind of content which dominates auto "news" in general, it's quite often about the latest pricey cars or some project/tune where a lot of money was sunk, but rarely about improving the self: driving skills, or learning how to work on these complex machines.

In other words when guys complain that girls are materialists that only care about their makeup and what not. Well, guess what? It goes both ways.

It's not a difficult argument to make that putting the latest supercar on a pedestal is frankly not much different than worshiping the latest popular fashion or celebrity.

While certainly more interesting than the daily grind which is probably why most of us bother, the question surfaces of whether we're better for it.

To a certain extent hobbies don't necessary have to result in self-improvement, but the best ones are at least self-fulfilling. When so much effort is dedicated to what's essentially paying for "stuff", anyone who've ever reflected on "car culture" should be concerned as to whether it's a hobby that's been co-opted by those with something to sell.

A lot of people fall into the trap of being impressed by price alone. A real car enthusiast should be able to appreciate a car on other aspects than price or hype alone.

What do you think car culture should aspire to fulfill?

Materialism isn't a viable answer for us girls. We are superficial. What is your excuse?