When I was in Korea (I am talking about South for those of you that have to question which one) I feel in love with the Korean car culture. Or lack there of.

Sure there is a small scene but nowhere close to what they have here in Cali.

People complain about it here, acting like the make drivers bend over.

Well, in my opinion they aren't doing enough.

Oh you have no idea man. Here's what we gotta put up with:

  • Non-Korean cars cost 30-60% more than in the U.S. You want a FRS? That'll be $40,000. European cars? They are even more expensive.
  • Extremely limited selection. No Evos, STis, STs, GT350s, etc. etc. You can buy nice European performance cars but they cost a lot more than they'd in the U.S.
  • Rules make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to import certain cars directly from overseas.
  • Speed bumps everywhere. HUGE bumps too. It's simply not possible to drive certain cars around town.
  • Strict laws that make tuning virtually illegal.
  • Expensive gas.
  • More traffic, it makes our terrible traffic look appealing.

If the gear heads knew how good they had it here the would never ever complain about car regulations again.

So what do you get? When it's that restricted like you say, people find other more affordable, attainable and just as fulfilling hobbies. Then the number of car enthusiasts really go down as a result. Which is a plus!