For some reason I have a hard time finding the right style of my hair. How do you cut for high forehead and thin hair?

Sounds like a lot of effort with sort of so-so results.

I'm used to it.

I have thin, fine hair and a big ol' forehead. Pixie cuts are always nice for thin hair. You can texture them a little easier at that length, and small pixie bangs also help hide the forehead. Think Rihanna and her short hair. I just went from long, straight hair to an Emma Watson style pixie cut and it totally rocks!

My hair hardly has any volume, but a hairdresser showed me how to use my hairs natural volume to its full extent.

The short bangs helped hide my high forehead while highlighting my eyes and cheekbones. Big change, but totally worth it.

Honestly, I also spent a lot of time just working on confidence and looking through celebrity photos of women with high or large foreheads and saw what they pulled off, which helps a lot too. I think even just finding a way to curl or put waves in your hair will also add life and body so that your forehead won't be as overwhelming.

I can't recommend it enough!